Fashion Designer Salary Depends on How Good You Are

A fashion designer salary is not real high when you are first out of college. One thing to remember is you are going to have to build your up and have lots of years under your belt before you make really good money. Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of time you went to college and the degrees you obtained.

When you first graduate from college you are not known for your designs yet. The median pay usually starts out around $22,700 to $22,900. This is what most companies will start you out as. You will have many years to fine tune your skills and get your designs known.

If you are a specialized design servicer the figures increase. In this field you could make an average of $59,560 yearly.

A merchant wholesaler of apparel and goods could make around $61,600 yearly.

If you find yourself in a position where you are a cut and sew apparel manufacturing then you could make $66,000 yearly.

If you are in management of a design company or an enterprise then the pay could be $72,560 yearly.

As your skills get better in this industry there is a chance the pay could jump big time. You could easily find yourself with a fashion designer salary between $87,120 and $124,780. This usually comes after you have been in the business for 10 years or longer.

This can be a stressful job because you will have deadlines that will need to be met. If you are making something for the fall then you will want to get it done in time for the season. If you miss the deadline and do not get the project done until the winter then everyone will lose money and time invested. You will quickly find though many companies will give bonuses when the deadlines are met.

When you are first starting out in this field of work the pay not very much and you will have to work hard. As you progress and get better at your job then the pay scale will start to climb. If you are self-employed then you could see a big difference in the pay scale. It is harder for a freelancer to make a steady income. In some cases though, the freelancer has been known to make more than the top salaried designers in the field.

A fashion designer salary may not be much at first but, the longer you stick with it the more you have the chance at making. If you have always wanted to show your talents and design your own clothes then this career will be the one for you.